Kozue Hashigaya

Managing Director

Service first is my motto. I have been running my company in Japan since 2008. As a second big challenge, I founded JMC in Dhaka and performing its full-fledged operations in this country.

In JMC we have launched several businesses and services like real estate sales agency, retailer, distribution, B to B, B to C, etc. We are running simultaneously several businesses that relate to each other. Although most of them are common in nature and functions, all of these businesses are for forming a better Bangladesh. Since my first visit in Bangladesh, I had been thinking that how could I, as a Japanese, do something for the development of this country?

Now I have found my answers. I have to do something for this business market; and by establishing modern conceptualized businesses here and cultivating the market to create new job scopes, thus, I will take part in the economic growth of this country.

I hope our activities will make a better Bangladesh.